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"In summary I will say that Anja was the best realtor I have ever worked with. I will never work with anyone else!!" 

Sangita and Chiku Verma, Langley

"We met Anja Chan at an open house and immediately were impressed with the way she presented the home and was able to provide facts as requested. She showed great confidence and equally had a very likeable and approachable demeanour, which were all the attributes we would look for in Somone representing us in both a sale and purchase. We met with several other brokers but I can say that they were in no way comparble to Anja. We were equally as impressed when we met Anja’s business partner Ruth Scott. What a team. We got 2 great brokers helping us through the whole process. All this was proven in the record time our house was sold in, and it was handled with the highest level of integrity. So would I hire a Anja and Ruth again? Certainly without a doubt. Would I recommend them, absolutely. A 10/10 for service and quality. Throughout the whole process we were guided with professional advise and told more about the property and its history than we could ever have found out without their help. This was a great asset for us and helped us confidently select our new home with ease. Thank you to homelife for having such great talent on your team. A very happy family thanks to Anja and Ruth!"

Harvey Kahlon, South Surrey

"Moving to a new city is always a difficult and challenging. Having Anja Chan and Ruth Scott there to assist and guide us through the process of researching, reviewing, optimising and finally selecting our preferred locations and properties was amazing. The stress from the experience was absolutely minimal as they were always there to help and guide us. We are very grateful to have been able to work with them on this amazing journey."

The Schwengler Family Schwengler Family, Langley 

"I have never come across a more professional and efficient agent, her local knowledge and insight and sharing of honest facts was really so valuable to us in our decision making. professional as well as personal, amazing blend of skills for a big decision making and Anja helped make the process really easy. I totally recommend her Understanding our needs and ensuring the searches were directly related to our needs was very important. we had very little time to get organised to buy a house and needed to be selective and not time wasting - Anja totally understood this and helped keep focused on what we needed."

Tracey Jacquemin, Langley 

"I know Anja personally and that made me feel secure in trusting her for my realtor. She was always polite, patient , understanding, punctual and very helpful. She was easy to work with and very accessible. She was very knowledgeable and informative as well as professional. I would always choose her for my realtor."

Sarah Crnac, South Surrey

Anja is just a remarkable person. She is honest and trustworthy. Her expertise and attention to detail were instrumental in the sale of our home. We again thank her for going above and beyond to make our dream come true!!

James Waddell. Langley

Anja and Ruth were such a delight to work with! Both were always so kind and caring and understood my concerns and worries. Anja looked after us and supported my family and helped us make this move the BEST move possible for us. WE LOVE OUR HOUSE!! WE LOVE DEALING WITH TWO OF THE BEST REAL ESTATE AGENTS! They both are honest and kind and have so much integrity! You will not be disappointed. You will be thrilled to work along side of them. Trust them!! they really know what they are doing and they have your best interests in hand.

Trevor Garner, Surrey

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