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Anja Chan was the best real estate agent I have ever had!

! She is kind, caring, honest and smart. It is her first priority to make sure her customers are 100% satisfied, in an ethical and honest manner. Her attention to detail and her knowledge are only some of the many qualities that make her stand out. Her outstanding negotiating skills, helped our family purchase the home of our dreams. The process of finding our perfect home took a few years. Never did she become impatient or try to tell us what we should purchase. She was there for our family every step of the way, with a smile . Anja is the only agent I will ever use and I will recommend her to all of my friends and family. We will never forget everything Anja did for us. She will always be a part of our lives.

Dr Verma

We have purchased two properties through Anja, and we highly recommend her.

Anja is very friendly and professional. She spends time getting to know what we need, and does diligent research for us. She uses extensive market stats to keep us informed of the market trend and prices. She keeps us up to date with the properties available. She has detail knowledge about the properties we are interested in. Unlike some real estate professionals, she is not in a hurry to close the deal and take her commission. She looks after our interest.

Kwok Chan

If you are looking for an honest and professional realtor with great Integrity, look no further than Anja Chan!

Anja assisted us with both selling and the purchase of a new home. She sold our home in record time and for close to the asking price in a market where most homes for sale were stagnant or selling well below the price they were advertised for. She assisted us with the purchase of our new dream home and worked tirelessly to get us that home and for a great price. She provided valuable information on properties we were considering and researched them to give us full insight on any potential issues. This greatly assisted us in our decision making and even prevented us from purchasing a home that was found to have issues. How many realtors would go to those lengths? She was available at all hours to answer our questions and was always happy to help. She is a real 10/10 and I would recommend her to anyone. She will take the stress out of buying/selling and guide you through the whole process while ensuring your interests are her top priority. Truly one of the best realtors we have had the pleasure of dealing with.

Harvey Kahlon

I have never come across a more professional and efficient agent, her local knowledge and insight and sharing of honest facts was really so valuable to us in our decision making.

professional as well as personal, amazing blend of skills for a big decision making and Anja helped make the process really easy. I totally recommend her. Understanding our needs and ensuring the searches were directly related to our needs was very important. We had very little time to get organised to buy a house and needed to be selective and not time wasting. Anja totally understood this and helped keep focused on what we needed.

Tracey Jaquemin

I worked with Anja on a very large property in High Point.

As a professional home inspector I was very impressed with her reaction to us finding a few concerns in the home. She was very professional and took the necessary time and means to give her buyers the peace of mind needed on their high-end purchase. It was a pleasure to work with you!

Paul Friesen

Moving to a new city is always a difficult and challenging.

Having Anja Chan and Ruth Scott there to assist and guide us through the process of researching, reviewing, optimising and finally selecting our preferred locations and properties was amazing. The stress from the experience was absolutely minimal as they were always there to help and guide us. We are very grateful to have been able to work with them on this amazing journey.

Schwengler Family

I know Anja personally and that made me feel secure in trusting her for my realtor.

She was always polite, patient , understanding, punctual and very helpful. She was easy to work with and very accessible. She was very knowledgeable and informative as well as professional. I would always choose her for my realtor. Sarah Crnac.

Sarah Crnac

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